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Astana Medical University (AMU) is one of the biggest and dynamic medical universities in Kazakhstan. The AMU enjoys a high reputation in the sphere of higher medical education, has its own traditions in the area of educational services as well as in the development of medical sciences and clinical activities.

On 26th October 1964 the Council of Ministers of the Republic had adopted the resolution on the opening of a Medical Institution in Tselinograd. In 1997 the institute was reorganised into the Academy, and in January 2009 it gained the university status. Based on the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan the University entered into the structure of the National Medical Holding. It is significant that the change in the name and status of the university was followed by an increase in the number of courses and students. Moreover, the academic credit system and three-tiered system of education with Bachelor, Masters, and PhD Degrees were introduced. At present, we actively work on the introduction of innovative technologies into the educational process. The clinical bases of the University are located at the biggest national and republican centres (the subsidiary organisations of the National Medical Holding). For many years the University has been stably ranked as one of the leading medical universities in Kazakhstan. Our academic partners are the leading universities of the US, Singapore, Europe, and Russia. Further success of our graduates in finding the employment and career building confirms the quality of education we are offering. The status of the University sets forth new objectives in the areas of medical education and science, thereby uncovering broad perspectives for the long-term sustainable development.


The academic partners of the university are the leading universities of the US, Singapore, Europe, and Russia. By the Resolution №451 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 13th May 2008 “On the Creation of the Joint Stock Company «National Medical Holding» and the Allocation of Funds from the Reserve of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan” the Republican State Enterprise (RSE) «Kazakh State Medical Academy» of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan is reorganized into the Joint Stock Company «Kazakh Medical Academy


Provision on the Internal Audit Service of JSC “Astana Medical University” is approved on 4th February 2009 by the Board of Directors JSC «IAS». The Service started its activity on 24th December 2008.

IAS objectives

The objectives of an internal audit:

  • implementation of the internal audit on the financial and business activity of JSC “Astana Medical University” through the conduction of impartial and un-biased examination of financial, operational, and other systems and procedures of the JSC AMU;
  • adoption of timely and effective solutions, directed at the elimination of the ascertained flaws in the activity of the AMU;
  • effective cooperation with external auditors within the frameworks of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, authenticity of accounting and book-keeping, internal audit organisation, prevention and elimination of violations of the legislation of the Kazakhstan Republic committed by the AMU staff. The IAS functions. The main functions of the IAS are:
  • examination, assessment of: accounting and internal control systems, AMU and risk management in terms of their effective functioning. Assessment is conducted on the following directions: effectiveness and potency of financial-business activity; quality, safety and effectiveness of medical services provided; assets safety; book-keeping authenticity (internal and external); accounting system and procedures of book-keeping, management control, the maintenance of prescribed principles and rules by the staff; the compliance of activity to the legislation norms, internal organisational-administrative documents and standards.
  • improvement of control-oriented methods and procedures, development of corresponding recommendations;
  • AMU management consulting in the area of plans and measures (corrective actions) development based on the audit results, as well as controlling the fulfilment of action-plans;
  • AMU management consulting on the issues within the area of the IAS competency;
  • realisation of control over AMU’s measures on preservation of information which constitute commercial, official and other secrets protected by the legislation;
  • implementation of monitoring aimed at the elimination of ascertained violations and shortcomings in the AMU work by the IAS, and presentation of the results to the Board of Directors of the JSC “NMH” and the JSC “AMU”;
  • application of international professional standards by the IAS aiming to improve the work on the “AMU” internal audit;
  • cooperation with an external auditor aiming to improve the internal audit system;
  • presentation of quarter and annual reports on the IAS implemented work to the Board of Directors;
  • preparation of conclusions on each issue placed at the agenda of the next session (voting) of the members of the AMU Board of Directors.

The history of Institute of Public Health

The faculty of social healthcare had been created by the Restrict №185 05.07.2007. Today the faculty works on the three directions: Bachelor degree, Master and Doctorate Candidacy, Additional Education. The head of the faculty is professor Zhuzzhanov O., Yerkebai R. is the deputy director, c.m.s. Sariyeva A. – chief specialist on bachelor’s program and additional education, MD Nurgazina G. – chief specialist on Master’s and Doctorate Candidacy programs, supervisor of the Bachelor’s program – Dondayeva A., bachelor inspector – Abdrakhmanova A., supervisor of the master’s and doctorate candidates programs – Myrzakhmetova A., inspector on the master’s and doctorate candidates programs – Konakbayeva A., supervisor of the additional education – Altynbayeva G., inspector on of the additional education – Yevkurova A.

The structure of the faculty is composed of 6 cathedras:

  • Social healthcare ,
  • Cathedra of social labor hygiene and communicative hygiene
  • Cathedra of general hygiene and ecology
  • Management and expert activity in healthcare with the hygiene course.
  • Cathedra of social healthcare, with course of disaster medicine and emergency situations.
  • Cathedra of management and marketing

Targets and tasks:

  • Formation of the strong and active community of the intellectual elite
  • Introduction of new leaders to the modern science and practice for active salvation of the healthcare problems.
  • GENERATE new discoveries that lead to improved health for the people of this country and all nations
  • Engage in service activities that strengthen the capacity of local, regional, national, and international communities to advance population health
  • Implementation of modern communication strategies for awareness-building about the problems of the public healthcare. Basic directions of the work of faculty departments
  • Bachelor’s programm
  • Master’s and doctorate candidate’s program
  • Additional education

Higher education teaching personnel:

Currently at the cathedras of the faculty there are 15 MDs and 16 c.m.s. Additional education:

  • Cathedra of healthcare organization with the course of disaster medicine and emergency situations
  • Cathedra of general hygiene and ecology
  • Cathedra of Management and expert activity in healthcare
  • Cathedra of emergency situations medicine.

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