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Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
Recognised by Govt. of Karnataka,
Approved by Central Council of Indian Medicine (C.C.I.M) and AYUSH, Govt of India.




Ayurveda is the “Science of life” is the ever earliest scientific system of medicine, known to the mankind since time in immemorial. The vedic texts namely Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda which are dated 5oooB.C form the basis of Ayurveda.




To be a foremost Ayurveda college with teaching hospital known for its excellence in holistic healthcare, quality education and research.




We are committed to translating the vision into action by:
• Employing the best possible staff.
• Instilling in the staff and students the good spirit at every stage.
• Providing state-of-the-art facilities in an eco-friendly ambience.
• Imparting affordable, inclusive, quality health care to all.
• Catering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients.
• Challenging our students to become forward-looking, dedicated health care personal, with competence, integrity and compassion as their hall marks.
• Inspiring the students to reach out to the poor and the marginalized, especially those in the rural areas.
• Promoting innovative research that will benefit the humanity.




• To develop a pattern of teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in all its branches so as to demonstrate high standard of medical education to all medical colleges and other allied institutions in India.
• To bring together in one place educational facilities of the highest order for the training of the personnel in all important branches of the health activity.
• To give facilities on combine with best of east and best of west wisdom




“Preamble of YADALAM TRUST”
Bengaluru the capital of southern state of Karnataka bangaluru today is Asia’s fastest growing Cosmopolitan city, It is home to some of the most hitech industries in India.
Bengaluru is also home to India’s premier scientific establishment blessed and a pleasant climate, garden & parks natural lakes.
To raise the glory of Bengaluru. Yadalam trust has taken birth in the year 2001, with the promotive objectives.
1.) To establish and provide continuous support to orphans, poor and needy people
2.) To start, maintain and assist requried relief measures during natural calamities.
3.) To help poor farmers to produce their needs such as good quality seeds, fertilizers etc. at economical prices etc.




“Hygienic infrastructures”
*Well ventilated and illuminated LCD projector attached classrooms.
*Exclusive laboratories equipped with latest technologies having internet connectivity.
*An up-to-date library comprising of reference books, fictions and magazines.
*Hygienic toilets; aqua- guard filtered drinking water facilities.
*Spacious dining area.
*Parking lot for visitors, teachers and students.
*Quiet reading room designed to help students adopt the habit of reading.
*Visiting lounge for guests.
*Conference hall.
*Supervision and guidance by well qualified and experienced staff.
*Trimmed lawns and gardens.




The kitchen is modern and well-maintained by qualified and experienced catering staff. Students enjoy a variety of nutritious vegetarian and satwik food which are wholesome, healthy and delicious. The dining hall is spacious and kept clean at all times.




The college offers pick-and-drop facilities to various parts of surrounding areas by bus. This service can be accessed on paying specific charges. Details of the route and fare are available at the college office.


Special Treatments


• Abhyanga
• Navarakizhi
• Pizhichil
• Shirodhara
• Shirobasti
• Katibasti
• Netra tarpana
• Basti
• Virechana
• Vamana
• Uttarabasti
• Sthanika chikitsa pertaining to streeroga. Etc.

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