About Bharati Vidyapeeth 2021-22 University at a Glance

In the last decade Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University (BVDU) has emerged as a global university with a wide offering of programs and courses spanning varied educational faculties. BVDU today boasts of a state-of-the-art infrastructure, sprawling campuses, extensive teaching and learning facilities, library and research facilities.

Today Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University has 32 constituent units and is one of India’s largest multi-disciplinary multi-campus universities. Over the years BVDU has contributed thousands of well trained graduates, post graduates and research doctorates to the pool of professionals in India and abroad. In line with its Motto of “Social transformation through Dynamic education” BVDU nurtures a holistic education approach that not only academically enriches the students, but also contributes to the students’ personality by nurturing innovation, creativity and practical work experience.

The University Grants Commission which is the apex body concerned with higher education in India made an assessment of the academic excellence achieved by the institutions of Bharati Vidyapeeth through a committee of experts and on the recommendation of the UGC, the Government of India accorded the status of “Deemed to be University” to twelve institutions of Bharati Vidyapeeth in Pune on 26th April, 1996 vide their notification No. F.9-15/95-U.3.

Later in July 2000 the Government of India on the recommendation of University Grants Commission and the All India Council for Technical Education brought three more institutions within the ambit of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University vide their notification No. F-9-15/95-4-3 dated 28th July, 2000.

The University Grants Commission vide their Letter No. F.No. 3-2/90 (CPP-1) dated 17th August 2002, have agreed to bring two more research institutions within the ambit of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University. During the year 2004, a Medical College at Sangli and a Dental College at Navi Mumbai have also been brought No. F. 9-7/2004-U.3 within the ambit of this University by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India vide its notification dt. 19th August, 2004.

In February 2005 once again Govt. of India vide Notification No. F.9-16/2004-U.3 dated 25th February 2005 brought seven Institutions under ambit of our University. In February 2007 once again Govt. of India vide Notification No F.20-28/2006. U.3(A) brought two institutes.

The University is a member of Association of Indian Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. It is really credible for this nascent University to have received ‘A’ Grade from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Some of the constituent units of the University have also been accredited with ‘A’ Grade by the National Board of Accreditation.

All the technical/professional colleges have been recognized by the concerned apex bodies in India, like Medical Council of India, Dental Council of India, Central Council of Indian Medicine, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Pharmacy Council of India, and Bar Council of India etc.

Hence the degrees given in these colleges of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University are recognized in India and abroad. The degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded have the same legal status as that of other statutory Universities in India. The M.B.B.S. degree of the Medical College of this University is listed in the World Health Organization directory and candidates passing from this college are eligible to appear for U. S. M. L. E.

BVDU meticulously follows its annual time table of admissions and examinations. All its constituents units have created and maintained the tradition of commencing their academic sessions latest by 15th June every year.


A Green Initiative

With the will to help decrease BVDU’s environmental impact BVDU has initiated a number of activities across its campuses. Our green campus initiative has won warm appreciation. The University campus at Pune has been made a vehicle-free zone and the vehicles are barred on internal roads of our enormous campus.


Why choose BVDU

What sets BVDU apart?
Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, due to its compact size and simple decision making processes, BVDU can afford to be very dynamic and innovative.

During a short span of 14 years, BVDU has given ample evidence of how it has made judicious and full use of academic and administrative autonomy given to it. It has introduced a large number of new innovative degree and diploma programmes, has brought about reforms in its examination system and has made its administration more student oriented. It has revised the course structures and syllabi of its various degree and diploma programmes and updated them. It has accepted the mandate of revising them after every three years.

The University meticulously follows its annual timetable of admissions and examinations. Since its inception, all its constituent units have created and maintained the tradition of commencing their academic sessions latest by 15th June every year.


Some distinctive features that sets Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University apart:-

Government recognized full Fledged University
NAAC reaccredited with “ A “ grade from National Assessment and Accreditation Council
Approvals for varied courses from State and National educational accreditation sources
BVDU is a member of Association of Indian Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities
Has independent top rankings for many of its constituent institutions
Excellence in academics; outstanding research activities
Excellent knowledge resources and initiatives
Performance beyond books
Strong industry-academia interaction and practical work oriented training
Successful placements record for its students across faculties and has known industry endorsements
World class campuses and technical infrastructure spanning across 7 cities and one international campus in Dubai
Reputed faculty and holistic curriculum and academic excellence
Cultural Diversity with one of the largest mix of out-of-state and international students
On campus residential accommodation with handy facilities
Overseas/ Foreign Students: Because of its academic excellence and enriched infrastructural facilities, has attracted a large number of students from abroad. As of today, there are more than 817 students from 27 countries enrolled in various colleges of the University,
BVDU is probably the only University in the country having colleges of all health related disciplines such as Medical, Dental, Ayurved, Homoeopathic and Nursing within the same campus, in close vicinity of each other
BVDU also probably is the only Deemed University in the country running research institutes besides colleges of professional education. It runs 5 research institutes one each in: Medical Sciences, Applied Chemistry, Social Sciences and Grape Processing and Biotechnology.


Vision, Mission, Objectives:-

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University is an organization with a difference. It has its own well defined ideological orientation and commitments. Social transformation in a desired direction is one of its cherished goals and it believes that education can be an effective prime mover for such social transformation.

Dr. Patangrao Kadam has very aptly coined “Social Transformation Through Dynamic Education” as the official motto of Bharati Vidyapeeth. Education can be an effective instrument  of social change, if it is dynamic. This conceptualization of dynamic education at Bharati Vidyapeeth is reflected in the innovative academic programmes, multi-location campus presence, enrollment of a large number of students from economically & socially backward areas, special schools and colleges for Girl’s and Tribal people.


Bharati Vidyapeeth as an educational organization has committed itself:-

  • To make available quality education in different areas of knowledge to the students as per their choice and inclination
  • To offer education to the students in a conducive ambience created by enriched infrastructure and academic facilities in its campuses
  • To bring education within the reach of rural, tribal and girl students by providing them substantive fee concessions and subsidized hostels and mess facilities
  • To make available quality education to the students of rural, tribal and other deprived sections of the population.

The functioning of all the constituent units of Bharati Vidyapeeth and BVDU is designed and geared up towards the fulfillment of these commitments.


Future Vision of BVDU:-

The review of performance of the University and its constituent units over the last 5 years led the UQAC to re-formulate the perspective plan of the University.

Create a plan for making constructive use of large human resource pool of students, highly-learned teaching staff, and existing teaching-supportive staff with the university

Introduce performance related incentives at every level and for all categories of staff

Establish a system of recognizing talents of staff and students, so also of their special achievements through special means

Concentrating on developing more international satellite campuses

Develop criterion for quality both in research and educational process

Aim for 50% of intake from international community

Assess possibility of getting accredited from internationally reputed and recognized accreditation agencies

Chalk-out a road-map for making the University a national resource center for national bodies, statutory apex councils in program design in terms of optimum time, course curriculum, student’s eligibility for admission, sustainability etc.

Develop a consortium for consultancy services in education, training, management, health care, engineering projects, construction, designs, research etc. for revenue generation with the help of available multi-disciplinary group of experts. The consortium apart from offering consultancy input can undertake turnkey projects in health and medical care eventually capable of providing international assistance in the field

Make consortium a professional body working on commercial lines engaged mainly in consultancy inputs for project planning, organization, management, monitoring, identifying professionals for placement, training program designs, implementation of training program, evaluation of projects etc. This activity will also support the effort of revenue generations.

Establish linkages with industries for research and development

Encourage teachers to ‘earn their salary’ through research grants

Be a facilitator in education for encouraging self-learning amongst students leading to creativity

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